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Bucks Shiloh Military Trails March

On the eve of March 8, we prepared to embark on an epic adventure to uncharted territory: the Shiloh Military trails in West Tennessee. With high hopes, we arrived late that night at our campsite. Those hopes were brought down … Continue reading

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Boxwell Sailings

Over the weekend, we went to Boxwell for some pre-high adventure sailing preperation. The first night, we didn’t do any sailing but we did learn important sailing knowledge and techniques. The next morning was spoiled by a large rainstorm, but … Continue reading

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Pre Boxwell Sailing post

Here we have a picture of most of d

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Wolverines Patrol Trip

From ziplining to canoeing, this was a great trip, in the opinion of all of us. On that Saturday, we first went ziplining, which was a breeze. Next, we had a fantastic lunch and then headed off for our canoe … Continue reading

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Virgin Falls backpacking trip by Leo

This weekend, we went down to Sparta, TN, to go backpacking at Virgin Falls. The ride down there had no problems.Once we arrived, we got on our packs and set off for our campsite. The weather was perfect that day. … Continue reading

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Paoli Peaks trip

This weekend, we went to Paoli Peaks im Indiana. Unfortunately, A GPS malfunction and some big patches of ice slowed us down and we arrived at our cabin late, making us have little sleep. Later that morning, the wait was … Continue reading

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