A New Eagle to Soar Off and Away!

Hello Fellow Troop 3 Scouts, Family, and Friends,

We are exited to announce (one of ) our amazing troop’s newest Eagles, Lubos Koudelka! Lubos had his Court of Honor on Saturday, November 4 at Shelby Bottoms Nature Center, a great place for an outdoorsman like him.

Libor, Helen, and  Antonin were obviously very proud. So was everyone else.  Lubos’s band teacher, Scoutmaster Tad, and Mr Tim spoke, and plenty of good stories were told.


Lubos has been a great mentor and leader to very many scouts, he will leave a great mark on Troop 3. He has done so much for our troop and we all look up to him.

After the ceremony, there was a great feast of gyros. It was a nice night to eat outside and celebrate our newest Eagle.

Next up… We will celebrate Owen and Matthew!

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  1. Libor says:

    Thanks Nazz!

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