Land between the lakes.


We are backpacking,camping. The wolverines are going to eat ramen,flat bread with peanut butter,drink mix,oatmeal,pop tarts,instant bacon,apples,tang,jerky,chicken,cheese and crackers,fig bars,instant pudding,brownies,cereal bars,eggs,kool aid. The Hurtles are going to eat oatmeal,apples,hot cocoa,cider,summer sausage,trail mix,pasta with ground beef. The Squirrls are going to eat sushi,oatmeal,bread,summer sausage,cheese. We will do other awsome activites. By Josh,Chris,Lubos.      The photo shows all the people going.


This post was written prior to the trip. We will be following up with a video by Will and perhaps another post as well. Stay tuned.

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