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EAGLE PROJECT LIMITATIONS:  (as listed in the official BSA Eagle Project Workbook) Anything that fits within these parameters would be acceptable as an Eagle project.

  • Routine labor (a job or service usually rendered) should not be considered.
  • Projects involving council property or other BSA activities are not acceptable.
  • Projects may not be performed for businesses or an individual.
  • Projects may not be of a commercial nature.
  • Projects may not be a fund-raiser.  Fund-raising is permitted only to secure materials needed to carry out the project.
  • Donors to projects must be made aware of what entity is benefiting from the projects, and that it clearly is not the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Any funds raised for a project and not used for the purchase of project materials must be returned to the donors.
  • No minimum number of hours is required.
  • The project is an individual matter; therefore, two Eagle Scout candidates may not receive credit for working on the same project.

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