2011-07-23 Genealogy MB Workshop @ TSLA

Genealogy MB Workshop Flier / Sign-up Sheet

Scouts participating in this workshop should be at the church ready to go at 8:30am. Eat breakfast before you come & bring money for lunch (we will walk to buy lunch at Subway). Wear your Class A and bring paper & pencils with you.

It’s also a good idea to bring a flash drive (to make digital copies of documents you find on-line) and some change for the copy machine (to make hard copies of print documents).

Also be sure to complete all of the following prerequisites BEFORE the workshop and bring your completed work with you to show the Merit Badge Counselors.  You will also need your completed family pedigree chart & family group records forms in order to do individual research on your family history while we are there, so make sure the information on these forms is as complete as possible.

PRE-REQUISITES:  (To be completed prior to the workshop – use the links below to help you)

#2)  Do ONE of the following:  (a) Do a time line for yourself or for a relative. Then write a short biography based on that time line; or (b) Keep a journal for 6 weeks. You must write in it at least once a week.

#3)  With your parent’s help, choose a relative or a family acquaintance you can interview in person, by telephone, or by e-mail or letter. Record the information you collect so you do not forget it.

#6)  Begin your family tree by listing yourself and include at least two additional generations. You may complete this requirement by using the chart provided in the Genealogy merit badge pamphlet or the genealogy software program of your choice.

#7)  Complete a family group record form, listing yourself and your brothers and sisters as the children. On another family group record form, show one of your parents and his or her brothers and sisters as the children. This requirement may be completed using the chart provided or the genealogy software program of your choice.

Genealogy Basics – Getting Started –  Some tips from the staff at TSLA

Genealogy MB Workbook

Pedigree Chart Form

Family Group Record Form

Sample Family History Interview Questions

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