2016-12 Winter Camp @ Latimer

Sun.-Thur., Dec 27-30, 2016

Cost:  [$120?]/Scout  ($30 Deposit due at signup)

Deposit & Signup Due to Troop:   Monday, October 24, 2016

Balance due:  Monday, Nov. 28, 2016

Troop 3 Winter Camp 2016 – Flier & Sign Up Sheet (.pdf version)

  • 2016 Winter Camp Class Recommendations from the Advancement Chair – Individual recommendations for each Scout.  Consult this list before you select your classes!
  • 2016 Winter Camp Merit Badge Class Schedule – Note that requirements listed next to each badge are those that will be COMPLETED at camp, not prerequisites to be done before camp.  Any badge requirements NOT listed, need to be completed by the scout on his own prior to camp in order to finish the badge at camp.  (Click here for full lists of requirements for merit badges.)
  • 2016 Winter Camp Wilderness First Aid Opportunities for Adults and Scouts this is a full two-day class that will provide education and practice scenarios for dealing with first aid emergencies in wilderness situations.   Please let Tad know ASAP if you would like to signup.


Gear Lists:

Additional Info:

  • 2015 Winter Camp Info (BSA website)
  • 2015 Winter Camp Leaders Guide

2015 Merit Badges Offered @ Latimer Winter Camp: (* = Eagle-required)

  • Monday Full Day- Architecture Astronomy Cooking* Engineering First Aid*Geocaching Woodwork
  • Tuesday Full Day- Chemistry Citizenship in the Nation* Fishing Orienteering Search & Rescue MetalWork
  • Wednesday Full Day – Chemistry Climbing Emergency Preparedness* Home Repairs Orienteering Public Health Welding
  • 1/2 Day Evening Sessions – Citizenship in World*, Crime Prevention, Disabilities Awareness, Fingerprinting, Public Speaking, Salesmanship, Traffic Safety, Truck Transportation

It is recommended that Honey Badgers take one Eagle Required class – preferably Cooking or First Aid, and that older scouts take Citizenship in the Nation and Citizenship in the World if you do not already have them and cannot attend MTSU’s MBU.  Emergency Preparedness is required only for those who have not already taken or do not plan to take Lifesaving.