Youth Leaders

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TROOP LEADERS (Fall 2018 – Spring 2019)

  • Senior Patrol Leader (SPL): Spencer
  • Asst. Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL): Raleigh
  • Troop Guide (TG): Raef
  • Troop Historian (HIS): Nazz  Asst. Historian: Evan
  • Troop Librarian (LIB): Leo   Asst. Librarian: Matthew
  • Troop Quartermaster (QTR): Lj   Asst. Quartermaster: David
  • Troop Scribe (SCR): Evan  Asst. Scribe: Trip
  • Troop Webmaster (WEB):  Jackson Asst. Webmaster: vacant
  • Outdoor Ethics Guide (OEG): vacant
  • Community Service Guide (CSG): vacant
  • Emergency Prep Guide (EPG):  vacant
  • Fundraising Guide (FRG): vacant
  • Instructor (INT): Ian
  • Den Chief (DEN): Matthew
  • Bugler (BG): Israel Asst. Bugler: Gabe







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