Website Email

Donations and sponsorship’s pay for Troop 3’s website space and domain name registration. If you would like to help with the website and/or make a donation for its upkeep, please see the Troop’s Committee Treasurer. The form and content of the website was developed to serve the purposes of both the Troop newsletter and as a description of the Troop, its members and its activities.  Some of the material may not be understood except by Troop members and other material is intended to recognize the accomplishments of the Scouts and promote the activities of the Troop.

Web Site Policy

The Troop’s policy is to allow, as a default with membership in Troop 3, a Scout’s first name and last initial (where needed) or inclusion in a group photograph or a link to email if a Scout has authored a page or is the point of contact for an activity on the Troop Event Calendar.  If a parent wishes to revoke this use, he or she must contact the Scoutmaster in writing.

E-mail Policy

Electronic mail is a very effective way to communicate the news and events of the Troop. It should not be relied on, however, to reach every member of the Troop. When sending e-mail to a large group within the Troop, the sender should remember that many of the adult recipients receive this e-mail on their home computers where Scouts might have access to read whatever is written. For this reason, for any topic other than news or announcements the use of e-mail is strongly discouraged. The proper forum for such issues is the Troop committee meeting, which is open to all parents of Scouts in Troop 3.

Adult to scout communication should be done within the ‘Two deep” leadership model.  When an adult (other than parent of scout) needs to email a scout another adult should be cc’d on the email.

Furthermore, for as long as they remain a leader, all adults may have a email address provided they use it only for scouting business and with the scouting principals in mind. Upon joining Scouts will be issued an email address for use with communication for scouting projects, leadership duties, Order of the Arrow, and other projects relating to Scouts, including their eagle project.