Outdoor Rules & Guidelines


  • Always bring whatever is on the trip plan’s gear list.
  • If a Scout is on any prescribed medication, place the medication in an envelope with complete instructions and give to the adult leader in charge of the campout. It is the Scout’s responsibility to go to the adult leader when it is time to take medication; the adult leader is only responsible for keeping track of the medications.
  • Scouts should write their name on everything they bring, include the Troop number if it is a council or district activity where other Troops will be present – such as summer camp.


  • Never bring personal phones, radio’s, TV’s, or electronic games
  • Never bring any knives other than those approved under BSA guidelines. Troop 3 specifically prohibits large sheath knives. In most cases knives with blades no longer than three inches are adequate for camping.
  • Never bring an axe or hatchet of any kind. Scouts who are trained and qualified having earned their “Paul Bunyan Woodsman Award” and have permission of the Scoutmaster may use Axes/hatchets. This being stated, axes and hatchets may only be used by Scouts in an “axe yard”.
  • Never bring soda, candy, or snacks on any of the camp outs. This attracts ants and varmints and is potentially dangerous.
  • Never go on a camp out without required daily medications taken or brought. Parents will be called to bring the medication out to the campout location.

Frequent questions about this policy:

Q: If 5 scouts from one patrol attend a camp out what are the sleeping arrangements?

A: We have two and three person ten.

Q:What if I am the only one from my patrol that shows up for a camp out?

A:In this case you will be assigned to another patrol for this event and will sleep with them. Next time, please encourage your patrol mates to participate!

Q:Can I go for a walk by myself?

A:NO, while on troop outings you are to be with a buddy at all times, this includes trips to the restroom.

Q:Do I need to be with my buddy to walk around the Patrol campsite?

A:No, only when you are leaving the Patrol area or after “lights out”.

Q:My father/mother is coming to the camp out, can I sleep with them?

A:No. While BSA policy does not expressly forbid this, it is discouraged. Troop policy is the Patrol method and you can not support or experience what your patrol does if you are not with your patrol.

Q:My father/mother is coming to the camp out or backpacking trip, can I be in the same patrol with them?

A: Rarely. Troop policy is the Patrol method and you can not support or experience what your patrol does to it’s full extent if a parent is present.