Luboš K.

Advancement Progress Report (12/15/15)          Advancement History (10/25/15)

 Personal Fitness – Individual Test Results

Troop Position: 

Rank:  Life

Next Rank: Eagle

Merit Badges:


Completed: 31

Auto Maintenance, Aviation, Backpacking, Camping, Canoeing, Cit in community, Cit in World, Climbing, Communication, Cooking, Cycling, Environmental Science, Family Life, First Aid, Fishing, Genealogy, Horsemanship, Kayaking, Law, Lifesaving, Personal Fitness, Personal Management, Photography, Public Speaking, Railroading, Scholarship, Small Boat Sailing, Snow Sports, Swimming, Wilderness Survival, Wood Carving

5 Responses to Luboš K.

  1. Lubos says:

    Right now I have completed my swimming & genealogy and I’m active on my mammal study merit badge. So the sooner you could get it on my page the better it would be. Thanks.

  2. lubos says:

    i hope this will get updated sometime soon

  3. lubos says:

    I have gotten my tenderfoot rank and i have swimming,scholarship, and geaneology merit badges

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