PLC – Patrol Leaders Council

The Patrol Leaders’ Council is comprised of the top youth leaders of the Troop who determine & plan the Troop’s monthly program and trips.

The PLC meets 5:45pm – 6:30pm each month on the Monday immediately following the trip for that month.  The Senior Patrol Leader then stays & reports to the Troop Committee (which meets at 6:30pm the same night) on what was decided during the PLC meeting.

PLC Members:

  • Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)
  • Asst. Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL)
  • Junior Asst. Scoutmaster (JASM)
  • Troop Guide (TG)
  • Whistlepigz Patrol Leader (PL)
  • Otters Patrol Leader (PL)
  • Honey Badgers Patrol Leader (PL)
  • Troop Scribe (SCR) – attends to take minutes only and posts minutes on the website

PLC MEETING MINUTES:  (Minutes taken & posted by Troop Scribe)

Current Meeting Minutes Reside on the Monthly Weekly Meeting Plans under the Calendar Tab – Replace the Agenda when the Meeting is Over.

PLC Minutes Template


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