2009 Trips


11-2009 Biking / Camping at Natchez Trace

03-2009 Hiking at Fiery Gizzard

02-2009 Sipsey Wilderness

2 Responses to 2009 Trips

  1. bobby robertson says:

    hello my name bobby robertson and i use to be a scout in troop 3 along time ago with david reese and kevin. i was doing some clean i came across my old troop 3 shirt and bought back a lot of members of how much fun i use to have. i never did thank y’all for helping me go on trips especially when my parents didn’t have much money at the time and i want to give back to the people that made things possible. is there anyway to make a donation

    • Reuben says:

      So good to hear you are doing well. We still meet on Mondays at the church, there are still a few faces you would recognize if you wanted to stop by. The troop would happily accept a donation, however it is certainly not necessary. Helping boys grow into men is why we do this.

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