2013 Trips

01-2013 Skiing

02-2013 Fall Creek Falls Backpacking

03-2013 Patrol Trips

04-2013 Stone Door Climbing/Rappelling

05-2013 Grimes Canoeing

06-2013 Current River High Adventure

07-2013 Wave Pool Cycling

08-2013 Hiawasee Whitewater Canoeing

09-2013 Frozen Head Hiking

10-2013 Backpacking at Fiery Gizzard

11-2013 Patrol trips

12-2013 Winter Camp at Boxwell

The Barracuda patrol eating Caesar salad finger food


wpid-2012-08-18_08-38-10_362.jpg IMG_6561 IMG_6629 Check out this group Jordan and Chip 154 A Grimes trip from days gone by.

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