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Advancement Progress Report (10/25/15)           Advancement History (10/25/15)            

Leo – Cooking MB (2007) – Cooking @ Home (Req. #7)

Personal Fitness – Individual Test Results

Troop Position:  Patrol Quartermaster – Whistlepigz

Rank:  Life Rank

Next Rank:  Eagle


Merit Badges:


Completed: 27

Animal Science, Backpacking, Basketry, camping, canoeing, Chess, Cit in Nation, Cit in World, Climbing, Communication, Environmental Science, First Aid, Fishing, Hiking, Indian Lore, Lifesaving, Mammal Study, Motorboating, Personal fitness, Pioneering, Rifle Shooting, Small Boat Sailing, Swimming, Veterinary Medicine, Weather, Wilderness Survival, Wood Carving

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