Adult Leaders and Committee

Scoutmaster: Tad Sekeres

Assistant Scoutmasters:

  • Libor Koudelka – Otters Patrol Advisor
  • Horace Temple  – Otters Patrol Advisor
  • Emily Thompson – Whistlepigz Patrol Advisor
  • Ian Mack – Whistlepigz Patrol Advisor
  • Todd Gillam – Honey Badgers Patrol Advisor
  • Annie Gillam – Honey Badgers Patrol Advisor

Commitee Chair: Tim Tanton

  • Treasurers: Jen Brannan & Rusty Lawrence
  • Secretary: Jen Cook
  • Advancement Chair: Kara Gee
  • Advancement Scribe: Aaron Painter
  • MBU and Merit Badge Program Coordinator:  Shane Wilson
  • Fundraising/Event Chairs:  Val Jephson, Stacy Gibson
  • Training Chair: Tim Tanton
  • Outdoor Program Coordinator: Reuben Stugart
  • Equipment Coordinator: Todd Gillam
  • Website:  Michael McKerley
  • Boxwell Coordinator: Becky Merin, Tad Sekeres