Trip Duty Descriptions

4-Week Trip Planning Timeline (as of 10/29/12)

Trip Duty Descriptions Overview Grid (as of 9/28/12)

TRIP DUTY DESCRIPTIONS: (Click link for detailed list of duties)

  • Outdoor Program Coordinator (Adult) – pre-trip research & maps, guides Trip Leader in his job, makes reservations & deposits, requests payments as necessary, submits tour permits
  • Patrol Advisor (Adult) – guides patrol through trip planning & preparation process during meetings & on-line meetings to ensure that everything gets done, supervises patrol during trip, oversees patrol clean up & follow up upon return from trip.
  • Trip Leader  (Scout &/or Adult) – Responsible for making Trip Flier & for overall trip planning – location, departure & return times, routes, activities, etc.
  • Trip Patrol Leader – Assigns trip duties & coordinates/oversees the work of patrol members in carrying out their assigned trip responsibilities
  • Trip Cook/Asst Cook – Plans the menu, makes shopping list, cooks while in camp.
  • Trip Grubmaster – Buys & stores food until trip, prepares/pre-packages food for trip, buys ice for cooler.
  • Trip Quartermaster -inventories patrol chuck box before & after trip, checks out needed equipment for patrol & its members, ensures all equipment is returned clean, dry, and in good working order
  • Trip Firemaster – plans trip campfire program prior to trip, oversees gathering of wood in camp, sets fire lay, lights & puts out camp fires, enforces fire safety rules
  • Trip Waterman – make Patrol Gear list for Trip Plan, (re-) fills water jugs in camp &/or sets up water purification station during hiking/backpacking trips
  • Trip Cleanup Captain -makes Personal Gear list for Trip Plan, sets up dish washing station in camp, washes patrol cooking dishes, responsible for trash & recycling, follows Leave No Trace guidelines
  • Trip Skill Instructor – responsible for teaching assigned rank &/or merit badge skills during trip, prepares teaching plan & brings needed materials, signs off when scout has completed/mastered requirements taught.

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