Assistant Scoutmasters

Reuben StugartDavid Merin – Whistlepigz Patrol

Todd Gillam, Bo Parr  – Otters Patrol

Tad Sekeres, Emily Thompson Honey Badgers Patrol

Assistant Scoutmaster Patch

Assistant Scoutmaster Duties And Responsibilities

General Information

Description: Assistant Scoutmasters help guide the program of the troop. Each Assistant Scoutmaster is assigned specific duties and reports to the Scoutmaster. Assistant Scoutmasters provide required “two-deep leadership”.

Comments: Scoutmasters may male or female but must be 18 years old. One Assistant Scoutmaster must be 21 or older to serve as Scoutmaster in the Scoutmaster’s absence. Troop 3 tries to recruit as many Assistant Scoutmasters as possible. Successful troops have four or more Assistant Scoutmasters.

Types of Assistant Scoutmasters Include:

  • ASM – Senior Assistant
  • ASM – Program
  • ASM – New Scouts
  • ASM – Venture Patrol
  • ASM – Patrol Advisor
  • ASM – Events
  • ASM – Advancement
  • ASM – Physical Arrangements
  • ASM – Camping

Assistant Scoutmaster – Senior Assistant

  • Serve as Acting Scoutmaster when the Scoutmaster is absent.
  • Attend Troop meetings; attend Committee meetings; attend Patrol Leader Council (PLC) meetings.
  • Help conduct Scoutmaster Conferences.
  • Help Scoutmaster organize, delegate and coordinate other adult leaders.
  • Report to the Scoutmaster.

Assistant Scoutmaster – Program

  • Attend troop meetings; attend all Patrol Leader Council (PLC) meetings.
  • Attend roundtables monthly to get new program ideas.
  • Follow up with the SPL to make sure all PLC decisions are delegated and completed,
  • After each troop event, evaluate with the PLC how everything went, and how it could be improved,
  • Report to the Scoutmaster.

Assistant Scoutmaster – New Scouts

  • Recruit new members.
  • Maintain a good working relationship with Cub Scout and Weblos feeder Packs/Dens.
  • Participate in District/Council youth recruiting efforts.
  • Attend Cub Scout Blue and Gold dinners.
  • Attend Webelos bridging ceremonies.
  • Help Troop Guide plan the Webelos campout.
  • Advise Troop Guide and Den Chiefs.
  • Report to the Scoutmaster.

Assistant Scoutmaster – Patrol Advisor

  • Serve as advisor for all patrols; support Patrol Leaders with suggestions and counseling.
  • Follow up to assure, the Patrol Leader is making phone calls, etc.
  • Attend training courses and roundtables.
  • Report to the Scoutmaster.
  • Attend training courses.

Assistant Scoutmaster – Venture Patrol

  • Serve as advisor for the Venture Patrol.
  • Help plan three (3) adventures a year.
  • Oversee fundraising opportunities to finance adventures.
  • Support the Patrol with advice and counseling as needed.
  • Attend Venture Patrol events.
  • Report to the Scoutmaster.

Assistant Scoutmaster – Advancement

  • Stimulate advancement and recognition in accord with National requirements.
  • Plan and organize four Courts of Honor a year.
  • Encourage Life Scouts to attain Eagle.
  • Advise and counsel Life Scout’s with the planning of Eagle Scout Service Projects,
  • Report to the Scoutmaster.


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