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Going ziplining was really fun. We got to compare how well we did by watching as each person went by. During the zip, we would do things like put our feet above our heads and scream or try to do … Continue reading

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Adventures in Port St. Joe

 We arrived in Port St Joe and after a quick stop at the budget friendly Piggly Wiggly, we headed to camp.We spent the following days canoeing, sailing, fishing, and snorkeling in beautiful weather. The Barracuda patrol had some terrifying moments on the … Continue reading

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Emily’s trip report

This high adventure trip was better than going to Disney. The Palmetto bugs at Cloudland  Canyon were scarier than the haunted house, the line for climbing and rappelling was way shorter than the line for Space Mountain, and we had … Continue reading

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Land between the lakes.

We are backpacking,camping. The wolverines are going to eat ramen,flat bread with peanut butter,drink mix,oatmeal,pop tarts,instant bacon,apples,tang,jerky,chicken,cheese and crackers,fig bars,instant pudding,brownies,cereal bars,eggs,kool aid. The Hurtles are going to eat oatmeal,apples,hot cocoa,cider,summer sausage,trail mix,pasta with ground beef. The Squirrls are going … Continue reading

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